Burn Bloom Be Blog

Every time something happens in my life, my mum says ‘ You’re going to write one day’. Is this what she meant? Probably not! 


Welcome to my website/blog/journal/archive; this is Burn.Bloom.Be. It’s called this because even though it’s taken me 27 years, I’ve realized that this is my constant life cycle. I burn- I deconstruct myself, lay myself bare on the operating table, my actions, my reasoning, things and concepts that hold me back till I am bare once more.

I bloom from the ashes, better and much stronger, more knowledgeable each rising

  and then I ‘Be’- Live in the present continuous state.

 When i thought of what i wanted to call this new space, these three concepts kept playing back and forth in my mind. I wanted the name of my site to be positive affirmation. Like say ‘A name is a terrible thing to waste’

Welcome to my home of constant new beginnings. 

Here’s what you’re in for when you become a ‘BumbleBee’


The intricate mix of growing in the everyday sense and finding the beauty in the simple and oftentimes mundane task. 

We will bake together, fill our homes with the sweer scents of vanilla. We will cook together, burn pots and learn how to make them brand new again. We will garden beacause there is NOTHING more sacred than tending to those that cannot thank you. We will skincare AND self care, learn more about ourselves, conduct activities together that will help us grow as people together. Oh we will pray, we will laugh, cry and pray together, sharing prayer points, experiences and devotionals. We will talk about our health, our embarrassing questions.


Delving and unraveling relationship experiences from the partner dynamic, to friendships and yes, to the mother-daughter dynamic as well. We will learn together from mistakes and gain tips and tricks to maintain and bloom relationships. Together. We will grow as a community based on this segment alone, joining our voices to fight for self awareness and the ever sacred concept of being oneself.

We will have honest conversations about our fears as people, where they stem from, where they are leading 



We will explore the minimalist lifestyle together. With our clothes, the items we use in our homes. Oh, how we will build our homes. With hubs of information, style inspirations wrapped in functionality and affordability when we can help it, and so much more. 

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